Down To Park

You got a spot to share? Share it and now, know a parking fee beforehand.


Problem Space

When you look for a parking spot at downtown, it’s very challenging to find available spots. Even if you do find a spot, we sometimes don’t have the full visibility on price range and other rules (parking permit) beforehand.

How Might We

Providing parking information for users to know available spots faster before they arrive the destination. Showing the available indications on a live time map and able to see spots around your location.



Questions to Consider:

When and where are they going?
- Are they using a navigation app (waze, google map, and others) to get to to?
- Are they using Green P app for parking?

What are their needs? Goals?
- Are they purchasing parking tickets on green p app? Or are they using it to find a parking spot?
- Are they able to find an accessible parking spot easily?
- Do they want to find a cheaper parking spot?
- Do they want to know about actual permit limit?
- If you get your parking violation ticket, are they able to pay it quickly and easily?

How often are they using Green P app? When?
- Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Do they often use in the evening?


To make it easy and faster for users to find a parking spot and move on without any scouting around other places.



A quick fun project - whenever I use Green P app, I feel stressed not being able to find what I'm looking for. Hopefully this design can solve many other people like me, want to found out where the parking spots available around your search.

This would be a good to have for their enhancement for the future state. 



A quick interaction sample

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