Instagram Manage Post Feature

Clean up / manage your Instagram images


This conceptual project was initially started from many conversations I’ve had and discussed with friends’ pain points as daily instagram users. So I thought it would be fun to ideate this and come up with a solution.

The current way of deleting your instagram posts are very painful and taking too much time when you want to delete multiple images. From this opportunity, I quickly come up with a solution with considering simplicity design and how I can apply heuristics to increase the likelihood of their desired action.


User Research

I interviewed a few of my friends and colleagues who are heavy users daily, synthesized the quick research and mapped out the user journey for pain points and opportunities. (Research subjects: Friends and colleagues)

β€œIs the user short on time?”

β€œWhat is making it difficult for the user to accomplish the desired action?”


User Journey

Pain points:
Like from above, these are specific area where I’m focusing on.

Users are not able to delete, hide, or archive their posts multiple way at once.

By providing users the ability, it will save a lot of their time and also shape their instagram account how they would desire – instead of creating another new account or permanently deactivate the account.

What is the business opportunity:
β€’ Increase user desirable action and engagement time
β€’ Increase more flexibility
β€’ Improving service quality
β€’ Reducing non-active accounts

β€’ Empower users with ability to easily manage their Instagram posts


Sketch & Wireframes


Prototyping flow


Design Experiments

This is just a fun project for myself and many of my friends have been complaining and searching through a web how to delete their posts faster and easier. So I thought it would be interesting opportunity for doing this experiment exercise. By doing so, will user be more comfortable with controlling their own personal privacy in SNS?